Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Saving time and money

Staples and Twitter Mom's are asking us to share tips on saving time and money during the holiday season. They are also giving away Staples gift cards to lucky winners.

Funny they should mention Staples since it is one of my favorite places to shop for teens. As a grandmother of 14--yes, I said 14, it became a struggle a few years ago, just to wrap all their gifts. The whole family comes to Grandma's house on Christmas Eve and with presents for everyone (totaling 22 people) the wrapping along cost a fortune and took a lot of hours. But one year a grand daughter mentioned that her book bag was worn out and she'd like a new one. I started checking out the others backpacks and duffel bags and found that they were showing wear and tear also. And a great idea was born! I bought each child a new bag/backpack or tote, whichever it is that they use. Then I use that to put all their other presents in. New notebooks, markers, CD's and other school supplies. It all fits and no tape is needed.If I pick up another gift for one of them all I have to do is unzip - add and close! The kids love it and can't wait to see whats in their new bag each year!
So Staples www.staples.com/holidaysavings has saved this Grandma time, money and aggravation!

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