Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kodak Save $110 Giveaway

Kodak Save $100 Tour
is doing a tour of the US to show people how much they can save on printer ink. I know the one I currently use costs $37..and Kodak is $25! Thats quite a savings in a year! They have teamed up with several bloggers to promote their tour and are giving away $110 Visa cards! I'm sure we could all use one of those about anytime!

Networking Witches ends 12/21

Prissy Green is involved. Ends 12/15

3 Kids and Us also ends 12/15

Feisty,Frugal and Fabulous has one. It ends 12/15

Natural Mommie also has one. Ends 12/14

Hurry to get in at This Mom Can Shop- ends 12/12

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Rhonda said...

Thanks for stopping by and following! How funny that you found me by our name! How cool. I love give aways so I'm following you too!