Monday, August 8, 2011

OMG- I made it back!

Oh my word! I am SOOOO excited! Since the middle of April I haven't been able to get into Google...any way- any how! I couldn't access my own blog or Google Friend Connect- no Google alerts or anything! Huge bummer! I couldn't post to my own blog or follow any other blogs. It was awfully frustrating! Then today I got my first google alaert in 4 months...which wasn't important but it did alert me that maybe Google liked me again!! So I tried signing into my blog and here I am! I feel like I just hit the mega-bucks!
Of course I have to say that I am not to techy so probably someone else would have figured it out way sooner...but for me its a win!
I'm so glad to be back and back in the blog game! For some reason Google doesn't want me to post pictures but what the hey-- I'm closer than I was yesterday! Some days its the simple things that matter, right? I missed you guys and hope you are all having a great summer! Rhonda

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

$200 Avery Gift Bags for 3 Winners!

I know all my sweeper friends will be all over this giveaway! I certainly am! I love Avery labels because they always stay where I put them. I make wall paper envelopes and have tried many brands....some that never made the mailbox without falling off! Hurry over to enter to win one of three $200 gift bags! What fun that would be!
Visit the ShopletBlog- ends 4/4

Thursday, March 24, 2011 Review and Giveaway

Ever since my son bought his fixer-upper house a couple years ago he has wanted to build a dog house for his pal Archie. But as fixer uppers go--there's always a leak and a patch and a makeover that comes first. He's priced them at home improvement centers but the cost is way too high. Thats why I'm excited to find out about
They have some great designs, sizes for all dogs and the prices are great! You can read a nice review and enter to win one of your choice over here:
Mom Spotted- ends 4/17

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tanga's Lucky Charms Giveaway

I just entered to win Tanga's 1 year of Lucky Charms and 100 Scratch Ticket Giveaway!The grandkids love Lucky Charms and Grandma loves scratch tickets! Whats not to love here, right? You can enter to and if you win - I win!! You can refer your friends too for more chances to win. Ends 3/31
Go here to get in on the fun:

Monday, February 21, 2011

HP Touchsmart 310 Review & Giveaway

Be still my heart! What a great giveaway going on over Dear Crissy's blog! I daily fight my old Dell PC and I'm not sure if its tired or I am! I just know that would feel like I won the megabucks if I manage to score this giveaway win! Hurry over and check it out then enter for your chance to win. Ends 3/13
Dear Crissy is giving away an HP TouchSmart 310">Dear Crissy is giving away an HP TouchSmart 310

Friday, February 18, 2011

State Farm Giveaway

State Farm wants to inspire car owners everywhere to transform their ordinary, cluttered garage into something that represents who they are and can call their own.In support of that they are sponsering a giveaway for:

· (1) $200 gas card

· (1) $300 Lowe’s gift card

· (1) Eco Car Care Kit (valued at $49.99)

Nice prizes! Hurry over and check it out to get in on the fun!

My Thoughts, Ideas and Ramblings ~ ends 2/22

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Old Time Candy Giveaway! Hurry!

Until last week I had never heard of the Old Time Candy Company. But once I found it I was hooked!
Being a child of the 50's I've seen many candy's come and go...and many I forgot over the years. Just scrolling their site brings back memories of hot balls, ice cube chocolates and wax lips! I wanted to share this and let you know that you can check it out and enter to win a 4 lb box at:
Keenly Kristen- ends 2/15

Monday, February 7, 2011

Maine Lobster Giveaway ends 2/8

As a native Mainer I am proud to say that native Maine lobsters are the VERY finest eating on earth! Of course I'm predudiced but I wouldn't lie to you! For our family its a neccesity for every special occasion and anytime we can find a reason to celebrate is reason enough to indulge! Of course this delicacy comes with a price tag (don't all good things?) But right now you can enter to win a beautiful Sweetheart Surf & Turf Dinner for two! It's a $130 value and looks SO good!
Head over to Ascending Butterfly to get entered. It ends 2/8 so hurry!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tanga's Spread the Love Kindle 3G Giveaway

I just entered Tanga's Spread the Love Kindle 3G Giveaway! Enter to win, and if you do, so do I! I've been trying to win a Kindle forever! Maybe this time is it!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

$100 ProFlowers Giveaway

My husband & I have been married for 32 years! For the first 20 years he always got me yellow roses, which are my very favorite. Then he had a stroke and is now in assisted living. I'm lucky that he remembers me most days so you know that holidays and special occasions aren't on his list! If I want flowers I buy them myself...which I hardly ever do. It's just not the same, you know? Anyway, I was blog hopping this morning and found a great review of ProFlowers and the chance to win a $100 Gift Code for flowers! I'd love to win and receive flowers again! Check it out and enter to win at:
Sammi's Blog of Life ~ ends 2/4

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Omaha Steaks Review and Giveaway

Now theres a combo that can't be beat! Omaha Steaks and Lobster! Yum! Even though I'm from Maine, where lobster is king, its a very rare occasion that I can afford them! And Omaha Steaks? Oh Lord! Its making me to hungry for words! Hop over to read a review and enter to win at:
Sammi's Blog of Life ~ ends 1/20

SECRETARIAT Blu-ray & DVD combo pack Giveaway

I can't wait to see this movie "Secretariat". Since I'm old enough to remember the actual event it will be fun to relive it! It happened at a time of turmoil in our country and it was something that even non race fans became excited about! You can read a great review and enter to win one here:
A Happy Hippy Mom ~ ends 1/28

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flip HD Video Camera Giveaway

I've been reading about these Flip cameras for quite awhile and I think its about tme I owned one! They seem to be user friendly...which is a must for me! I just don't learn new tricks easily! You can read a great review and enter to win one over at one of my favorite blogs:
The Art of Random Willynillyness~ Ends 2/7

Monday, January 10, 2011

I need a "Like" on Facebook

Hi all! I recently entered a contest on Facebook to enter University of Maine Hockey tickets. My son would be thrilled with them! But in order to win I need to get the most "likes" on their site. Can you help? If you have a Facebook account you just go to Maine Energy and "Like" them. Then click the sweepstakes tab( or Hockey Giveaway) and scroll down to my comment (Rhonda Mason) and be sure to click "like" right under my comment too or it doesn't count. Thanks for your help! Rhonda

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bialetti Aeternum Cookware Giveaway

I think I have had most of my cookware for at least 30 years! It's really time for an upgrade...but what to buy? There are so many brands and styles that it's hard to pick. I just read a good rview on Bialetti Cookware over at the Not So Blog. They look awesome and there's a chance to win some free! Yeah! If its free its for me! Go check it out. Ends 1/11

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's a NuWave Oven Giveaway!

Have you heard of the NuWave Oven? Well, I hadn't until my friend Michele did an awesome review of one she bought! This is a must have in my kitchen! You can check it out and enter to win one over at her blog:
Creative Writings 101~ ends Jan 15