Monday, August 8, 2011

OMG- I made it back!

Oh my word! I am SOOOO excited! Since the middle of April I haven't been able to get into Google...any way- any how! I couldn't access my own blog or Google Friend Connect- no Google alerts or anything! Huge bummer! I couldn't post to my own blog or follow any other blogs. It was awfully frustrating! Then today I got my first google alaert in 4 months...which wasn't important but it did alert me that maybe Google liked me again!! So I tried signing into my blog and here I am! I feel like I just hit the mega-bucks!
Of course I have to say that I am not to techy so probably someone else would have figured it out way sooner...but for me its a win!
I'm so glad to be back and back in the blog game! For some reason Google doesn't want me to post pictures but what the hey-- I'm closer than I was yesterday! Some days its the simple things that matter, right? I missed you guys and hope you are all having a great summer! Rhonda