Friday, June 25, 2010

CSN Stores Giveaway

Do you all know about CSN Stores? If not you seriously need to check them out! They are an online shopping source for everything for your home. From bathroom accessories to toys, furniture to rugs- they have it all! I got a beautiful quilt rack from them last fall and just love it! At CSN you can access over 200+ stores! That's a lot of shopping folks!
You can read a review and enter to win a gift certificate here:

Centsable Shopping ($60 GC) ends 6/28

Saving Moms Sanity ($40 GC) ends 6/30

Moms Own Words $60 GC ends 6/29

Before The Baby Wakes ($60 GC) ends 6/28

Go Yay! ( $100 GC)ends 7/7

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oreck Platinum Pilot with 360° Glide Giveaway

I'm sorry if you get tired of me blogging about Oreck But I really do have good reasons!
1) I have never owned an Oreck
2) I've never heard anything but GOOD about Oreck
3) There are several blogs right now with great reviews and they are all trying to GIVE AN ORECK PLATINUM PILOT AWAY!
4) I really want to win one of my very own! This one is so nice looking I'd never put it in a closet!
If you'd like to enter too just visit these sites:

Mama's Money Savers ~ ends 6/29

Mom Knows It All ~ ends 6/30

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oreck Halo Flash Vac Giveaway

In my 40+ years of cleaning house I have tried many many types of vacuums. Some successful...some not so much! But I have never owned an Oreck. Now that my household has shrunk I'd like to have one that does a great clean and eliminates germs.I have lung problems which are aggrivated by a lot of things. Oreck Halo Flash Vac looks perfect for me. Have you seen them? You can check it out and enter to win one:

Two of a Kind Working on a Full House ends 7/12

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hayneedle Indoor/Outdoor Falling Water Fountain With Light Review & Giveaway

With summer finally here we are enjoying our backyard more everyday. The flowers are growing and the yard is looking good. But when I saw I saw this fountain from The Backyard at Hayneedle I knew what we were missing! Its just beautiful and whats great is you don't need a water hookup since the water re-circulates!
You can check it out and enter to win one here:
Outnumbered 3 to 1 - ends 7/18

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family Dollar/Kidgets $50 Giveaway

If you have a Family Dollar Store near you then you already know about their great prices! I have one just 3 miles away so I'm in there 2-3 times a week. But have you seen their new line of childrens clothes named KIDGETS? They are just adorable and also reasonably priced. You can read a review and enter to win a $50 Family Dollar Gift Card here:
A Nut In A Nutshell ~ ends 7/2

She Scribes ends 6/24

A Simple Kinda Life ends 6/18

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fathers' Day Giveaway from 1-800-Flowers

Father's Day is coming up fast! June 20 is the big day! If you are in need of some unique gifts and easy shopping you should check out 1-800-Flowers! They even have free shipping on several great gifts! You can read a nice review and enter to win a $40 gift certificate here:

Thyme For Herbs ends 6/17

FireSense Bronze Finish Fire Pit Review & Giveaway

Here in Maine our summers are short and those of us who are not big fans of the winter months have to grab all the outdoor time we can while the getting is good! Though we do reach temps into the 90's some days, when the sun goes down the temps drop fast. One of these fire pits would be perfect for evening get togethers. You can read a great review and enter to win one here:

Thrifty Wifey ~ ends 7/4

Giveaway! Whiplash Scooter by Street Surfing

With school out for the summer you know the kids are going to need entertainment! And for most of us its all about getting them OUTSIDE! ;-) Check out this Whiplash Scooter. I can't think of any way to get them more active than this!
The new Whiplash Scooter is a hybrid scooter and caster board; there’s the traditional handle bar scooter aspect along with a back caster wheel that spins 360 degrees and the Wave technology that lets kids kids have that cool drifting & carving action. Another advantage over the traditional scooter? This one self-propels so feet never have to touch the ground!
You can read a review and enter to win one here:

Queen Mother Blog ` ends 6/25

Swiffer SweeperVac/Walmart $40 Giveaway

Do you love Swiffer like I do? Its just the handiest tool in the house...always easy and always ready! If you'd like to read a review on the newest Swiffer tool and enter to win a $40 Walmart Gift Card just go here:

A Girl Must Shop ends 6/13

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

24 pack Cottonelle + $50 Walmart gift card

Did you get in on the Over or Under voting recently? Cottonelle wanted to know if we roll our Cottonelle OVER or UNDER! Since I roll OVER I was glad to come out on the winning side! ;-) It's just the way I roll! Cottonelle even analyzed what the results reveal about us!WHAT? Thats just scarey! Now the debate is over but the winning is not! You have the chance to win a 24 pack of Cottonelle plus a $50 Walmart Gift Card! Yippee! If its free- its for me! To get entered to win just stop over at:
Fairy Blogs Mother- ends 6/16

Also enter at Mama Makes Money- ends 6/11

Baby Loving Mama ends 6/14

Nature Valley Granola Bars & Sams Club $25 Giveaway

You can win your own 30 count box of Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix Bars & a $25 giftcard to Sam’s Club!! I love keeping these bars in the house for the grandkids. They don't fill them up on sugar and I don't have to bake cookies! Whats not to love? To read a review and enter to win visit:

Design 85~ ends 6/4

Also enter at Creative Writings 101 ends 6/13

Kiddies Corner Deals ends 6/18

Mama's Money Savers ends 6/28