Sunday, November 29, 2009

Unwrap What’s Inside with Sharpie This Holiday Season

I was wandering around some of my favorite blogs earlier and while visiting over at Delightful Chaos I found a great review about one of my favorite things~ Sharpies! I have them all over the house and use them 100 different ways. But Toni's review offered several new ways to use Sharpies during the holiday season. I was so impressed that I went right to crafting and whipped up some really cute gift tags! With just some card stock, Christmas stickers ($1 at the dollar store) Sharpies and a paper punch I had a stack done in no time! Believe me, I am no artist, even stick people are crooked. But I found that I could draw a little string of Christmas lights to go around each tag. What do you think? I'm very happy with them!
Delightful Chaos also has a Sharpie giveaway that ends 12/12
You can enter here:

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Toni-Lynn said...

GREAT JOB Rhonda! They look great!