Monday, March 30, 2009

My First Award From the Blogosphere!!!

Thanks so much to Once Upon A Qpon for awarding me the Sisterhood Award! In return I will pick 7 of my blog friends to share this award with.Please follow our example and pick 7 friends and send them the "Sisterhood Award" too.

1. Michele from Creative Writings 101
for introducing me to this wonderful blogging world
2. Rhonda from Exotic1 For being a faithful commenter and friend
3. Kailani from An Island Life for sharing her beautiful self and her life!
4. Toni from Grocery Price Books for all the great deals and twitter fun!
5. Valerie from Sweeps4Bloggers For sharing all the great giveaways and tweets
6. Wendy from Sweeties Sweeps For all the computer help and great sweepstakes she posts!
7. Annie from ShopAnnies for her great reviews and giveaways.
Thank you all for adding to the quality of my life on a daily basis!!


shopannies said...

thank you so very much that is sweet of you

Wendy said...

Hey Rhonda,

Thanks for the award. I am so swamped these days I almost missed it.

It seems that you are addicted to this blogging stuff huh? It sure does grow on you. I was addicted after about a month and now I'm doing it full-time.

I'm loving getting all of the free stuff too and giving things away to my readers.

I hope you have been winning this year. I've had a pretty good year so far. Tell John I said hello :-)


Toni-Lynn said...

well awe thank you!!


Kailani said...

Thank you so much! I am truly honored!