Monday, October 12, 2009

Wonder Bread $100 Grocery Giveaway

Oh Boy! $100 That would help out, right? Well, WonderBread and Blogher have teamed up with several bloggers to give away grocery gift cards and a years worth of WonderBread. Lets get started at

Salsa Reviews ends 11/4

At Fluid Pudding it ends on 11/4

Jenny On The Spot also ends 11/4

BonggamomFinds ends 11/4

Makes Quads Happy also ends 11/4

Oh, The Joys Review and Giveaway ends 11/5

1 comment:

Joshlin said...

Thank you for posting about this great giveaway! I entered them all. If I win you have some great bread comming!

I love to share!