Sunday, September 20, 2009

Progresso New High Fiber Soup Review

As a reviewer for My Blog Spark I was offered a chance to review the New Progresso High Fiber Soups ~ quite a few weeks ago. But with a planned vacation, then hot steamy weather, the soup just didn't make the menu in a timely fashion! However, this week turned out to be perfect for me and Progresso! I have been sick all week with a bout of pneumonia and as I lay in my recliner wondering where I'd get the strength to fix nourishment I remembered those wonderful Progresso soups just waiting for my attention!
I have long been a fan of Progresso foods so I knew it would be good. I hadn't realized that the Chicken Tuscany was going to make even my doctor happy since it provides 28% daily value of fiber! And of course it was so easy to heat and eat! This soup is a veritible garden of veggies and wonderful white chicken meat. It smelled so good simmering in the pot and didn't disappoint in taste!
I've been known to put 3 cans of Progresso Soups in the crockpot and add dumplings thereby gaining credit for a wonderful homemade soup....but that's another story!;-)We'll just keep that between us, okay?
So anyway, I'm on the mend and have a new favorite soup! I'm thinking that if it tasted that good as sick as I was, its going to be gourmet when all my taste buds are working correctly! I'm looking forward to trying out all their varieties. With winter heading straight at Maine I'll be stocking up on the good stuff~ Progresso High Fiber Soups!

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