Monday, February 9, 2009

2009 National Sweepstakes Convention!

As most of you know I just love to win....and I am crazy about sweepstakes! I have been entering sweeps since 1998 and my first win was a first class Alaskan cruise! You can well believe that that was enough to hook me on the hobby for life! In the years since I have won a lot of great prizes including a trip to Vegas and an ATV, many gift cards including a $3000 Circuit City, $500 Home Depot and $300 Kmart! I've won laptops and computers, cash and a $5000 Visa gift card. And so many smaller prizes too numerous to mention! All that aside, I only mention it to tell you about a trip I will be taking in July. Each year a National Sweepstakes Convention is held, but they are usually out west and to far for me to travel. But in 2009 NH is holding the Star Spangled Celebration...and of course NH is right next door to Maine so I get to go!
I am SO excited and dreaming about it already although it will be held on the 4th of July w/e. Plenty of time to plan! I can't even imagine being in a room with up to 750 other people who share my hobby! And there are so many people I have met online that I will meet in person> What fun! There will be speakers and giveaways, food, fun and fireworks! If any of you would like to see whats going on and what a sweepstakes convention is you can check it out here:

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micaela6955/Michele P. said...

yup, it's gonna be a fun, fun time and we will have a blast!! Hey we can do our own version of Thirsty Thursdays in NH! Lol...