Thursday, December 25, 2008

Libbys Get Back to The Table

As you all know I love entering contests and giveaways, and even though its Christmas Day here I am! The hubbub is over and everyone is full. Now I just want to reflect and rest!
So while searching for some good giveaways I found one that not only can help me but also give back to the community. Libbys is offering a $300 grocery shopping spree! $150 for you and $150 for your favorite charity! How awesome is that? There are so many folks in need this year that its heart breaking. And though I am not going without there was a time a few years back that the local food cupboard was a neccessity. I would love to be able to give back since I know that they have more needy families now than ever! I live in a small town and the local food cupboard is run by the United Methodist Church of Guilford. With 2 major businesses in our small town either closing or laying off, its going to be an awfully hard winter. If you would like to enter to win too you can check it out here:

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exotic1 said...

Thanks for the link to this awesome giveaway. Hope your Christmas was fantastic~!